Porsche 911 T 2.2 Targa

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Price. 85.000€
Year 1971
99.999 kms

It is a pleasure for our GARAGE to be able to offer this MAGNIFICENT Porsche 911T especially attractive with its 2.2 liter engine. Built in 1971, this Targa is one of the ‘original models’, but thankfully it already has the striking, wide rear window that replaced the soft top that the early Targa models had. It comes from the USA and was imported to Spain in 2005,

The name Targa is derived from the Targa Florio long-distance race in Sicily, which Porsche has won several times.

This 911T is characterized by its particularly good condition: the car was cleaned up and repaired by a body craftsman and repainted in the original color and is presented in its yellow color with an excellent appearance. The engine has been completely overhauled by a Porsche specialist and runs smoothly, exhibiting the typical unadulterated boxer engine sound. The suspension was replaced with Koni, plus a high-performance stabilizer bar, and a front strut bar was also installed between carbon risers.

The vehicle is a pleasure to drive for its simplicity and at the same time for its efficiency, it shows no weaknesses: the strong brakes, the stability and agility typical of this light model, (1020) kg, the response of the engine with its excellent torque motor, etc.

Porsche drivers would certainly be very happy behind the wheel.

The interior has a subtle age-appropriate patina and is also in good original condition. The door panels were replaced by light ones including the opening controls, but the originals are kept in case they want to be mounted again. The original steering wheel has been upholstered in leather.

In addition, it is a vehicle that has been maintained very well on a daily basis and with very little use, of course it has been parked in a private garage, covered with its cover, which also contributes to its excellent appearance.

Upon entering Spain, it was cataloged as a historic vehicle, from which it currently benefits, and on October 5 it passed the official technical control valid for 4 years without a single fault (reflected in the original report)

Today this Porsche 911T is a real treat for collectors and friends of the Porsche brand, which is not easy to find with this condition / price ratio. It is a matching numbers, with a certificate of authenticity from Porsche.

Preserving and enjoying this car on the road at the same time, it is without a doubt a solid investment.

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