Porsche 924 Carrera GT (recreation)


Price: 25.000€
Year: 1.977
Sport manual gearbox
A useful recreation of Porsche, available for highway or careers (circuits, rallyes, or even hillclimbs). The car is equiped for each situation.
2 Sparco buckets – with safety belt harnesses. Land and mobile extintion, intercommunicators, stabilisher bars Vimesa, methacrylate windows, special clutch, and removable steering wheel.
Reverse differential limited, original Fuchs wheels (plus: 2 replics), reinforced brakes, and several sizes of stabilisher bars.
New GAZ car suspension, either new motor and turbo included.
The original pieces kept are also given; the car has a lot of documented improvements. Without noise restriction, it has a classic spanish license plate.

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