Lexus IS 250 Sport


Price. €9,700
Change. Automatic with steering wheel cams.
Power. 200 CV
Kilometers. 120,000
Fuel. Gasoline

A car of excellent quality, very safe, equipped with a magnificent and silent V6 engine, which coupled with a sequential gearbox of 6 V. With cams in the steering wheel, and also in this version Sport, with a firm suspension and rims of 18 ″ ´, make it a real sport. In this case, with a lot of life ahead, but with some small rubbings on his metallized paint.
It retains its carpets and the original upholstery of Back skin (Alcantara) in good condition. These cars already of series carry a good equipment, like seats heated, a good equipment of sound, automatic air-conditioning. Keyless start, fully electric front seats etc.

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